owner representative



  • Owners Representative for new construction,   remodeling, tenant improvements;
  • Facilitating the Building Committee meetings, (arranging meetings, create agenda, taking/issuing   minutes, keeping on top what needs to be done and when, etc.);
  • Assists in the creation and monitoring of the overall budget and schedule for construction and move;
  • Assigns members of the building committee to tasks that they can do on their own and reviews the   status of those tasks at the meetings;
  • Assisting in determining wish lists and wants list for the Building Committee and their prioritization;
  • Assist in the creation and maintenance of Quality   Assurance/Quality Control (Quality Management Systems);
  • Staging   the move with volunteers, professional movers, tradespeople, etc. (move   logistics);
  • Assisting   with the creation and maintenance of Owner’s volunteers and service provider   rosters for various services required;
  • Assist   with the interface of governmental entities if they are required;
  • Contracts/Agreements;
  • Document Control, (minutes, submittals, etc.);
  • Operations/Special Assignments;
  • Emergency Action Plans;
  • Selection of Contractors, Architects, Engineers,   Building Services, Specialty Contractors and assists in the creation of RPS   and the review of proposals; 
  • Assisting   with the creation of the furnishings and equipment needs and wants list to be   used in the budget and schedule, including determination of existing items to   be reused and new items that will be needed;
  • Transitioning   out of the current space (cleaning, moving, repairs, etc.);
  • Specification Creation/Review;
  • Other Services;